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Electrical Wiring


As an apprentice, you are awarded a scholarship valued at $18,000 towards tuition over the course of five years. All that you will be asked to do is sign a Scholarship Loan Agreement, whereby you agree to work for a NECA/IBEW contractor for five (5) years after completion of the program, or reimburse the JATC for the cost of classroom training.
The only costs you are responsible for are books, registration fees, and travel expenses to and from school/job sites.



In addition to your excellent classroom instruction, you will be learning from your full time job with one of Chattanooga’s NECA contractors. In your daily On-The-Job Training you will be taught how to do what you’ve learned in the classroom by qualified IBEW Local 175 Journeyman electricians. You will earn the current apprentice pay rate while working on major construction projects such as office buildings, residential homes, manufacturing facilities and commercial businesses.

Electrician using Tablet


Apprentices are paid on a scale based on a Journeyman Wireman's pay and depend on what year they are in the program.
As long as you complete your school course AND on-the-job training hours, you will get a raise every year.
The current apprentice wage rate for LU 175 is:
1st Year: $15.46 per hour
2nd Year: $17.18 per hour
3rd Year: $18.89 per hour
4th Year: $22.33 per hour
5th Year: $25.76 per hour


These are at NO COST to the apprentice


Health package includes medical, dental and vision insurance.
1st Year: Single Coverage
2nd-5th Year: Full Family Coverage


3% of your gross payroll  goes to NEBF which is a benefit fund based on years served in the industry.


Starting in their 2nd Year, contractors put 4% of gross payroll into SERF which is a retirement fund. After graduation, contractors contribute 10% of gross payroll + an additional $1.00 per hour worked.

Image by Anton Dmitriev


Applications open June 2023 for the class beginning May 2024

1. Check to see if you are Qualified.

2. Click this link to request an account.

3. You will receive a confirmation email within 48 business hours that your account has been accepted,

4. Log in and complete the INSIDE application. You will also need to upload:

  • A valid drivers license.

  • An OFFICIAL copy of your high school transcripts or GED scores.

*After we process your application, you will receive an email telling you when to come back to take the aptitude test*

5. Take the aptitude test. **You must make a qualifying score of a '4' to be considered for the interview round.

6. Complete an oral interview with the committee of the school.

7. Wait to see if you have been accepted! ** All applicants will be informed by mail in the spring whether or not they have made it into the school.

* if you have already passed the Aptitude Test or have 4,000 on-the-job training, please email to schedule your application appointment*

** Transcripts can be emailed to

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